can kindness be taught?

Of course! Over 15,000 children are already learning KINDNESS and more children are learning it every day.



A book dedicated to all the children of the world to help them be happy and in complete harmony with their peers and adults.


an easy and fun way to learn good manners

It is a text, a STUDY METHOD, with a magnifying glass looking at KINDNESS. A text made for children who attend all primary school classes. The fifteen chapters bring to mind those GOOD WAYS that were once taught in the classroom and by the family.

The text is great for educators, teachers and parents. In addition to RULES, it contains a section dedicated to “LET'S SEE WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED” and to a constantly changing preparatory game, dedicated to that specific chapter. Great subject to discuss in class with children, during the civics lesson.

With this practical book-course, children will learn to behave more kindly towards others, and they and their families will thus live a more peaceful life as they will attract kind people by their example.

15 chapters to learn how to be kind to everyone

The COURSE OF KINDNESS is divided into 15 chapters with the same number of focuses on the most common situations in which children may find themselves.

Through these, they will learn how to behave at all times and to always act their best, with love and respect both for themselves and towards others

the value of kindness

It is a gesture of love towards all the people around us

Being kind to others helps make us feel better and full of love without any effort.

It helps us feel in harmony with the world

Smiles are contagious. Teaching children to live with serenity will help generate harmony in their lives.

It helps prevent bullying and violence

A kind and respectful child will never harm others. Sensitising them from an early age is essential.

a tribute to kindness

By Francesco Alberoni

The well-known sociologist Francesco Alberoni who wrote the preface to our book “Three Steps To Kindness”

a tribute to kidness

By Francesco Alberoni

Kindness is a topic that I really care about and of which I have had the opportunity to write about several times.

I believe that the human soul has an inclination for kindness, a state of being which has its roots in a clear interior disposition which manifests itself in special ways of doing things which is attentive of other people, cares about them and uses good sense.

I find Angelica Montagna’s book very educational for future generations. Kindness needs to be taught until it is instilled in peoples’ souls and minds which results in a culture of politeness and correctness towards oneself and society.

We often don’t realise the extraordinary power of kindness. I’m not talking about that fake, hypocritical and sugary kindness that draws you into deceit, which was taught in the past to children and practiced in a subtle way by adults.

I’m referring to kindness which comes from a generous soul and is shown through good deeds and tangible acts of kindness. Kindness isn’t offering to help by saying that you will do something and then not do anything, but rather is a shown by person who looks you in your eyes and then if he can help, will do whatever he can.

This is what needs to be taught and this is what needs to be perceived: that true kindness is an expression of a strong and generous soul which is founded in someone’s just cause. Kindness disarms and makes resistance and prejudice fail and opens doors that otherwise would remain closed.

This is why I feel that it is very important to educate children what it means to be kind, even through play, because laying the foundation of kindness within our souls needs to be done starting from infancy. Angelica Montagna, author of this book, has given a personal touch to the fullest sense of how to live civilly with others in an age in which these fundamental values of this virtue have been forgotten.

the ambassadors of kindness

why this course?

This course was born within the heart of Angelica Montagna, who with her heart wanted to send a message of hope to today’s children, the adults of tomorrow. Because we too often take respect, kindness and education for granted, we don’t feel the real need to teach them.

Unfortunately, the numerous cases of bullying, which don’t surprise us anymore, now teach us as adults that something is missing at the base of the educational path of our children.

The COURSE OF KINDNESS is a simple, practical and fun method designed specifically to help educators make children understand that through small, simple gestures, they can help make tomorrow a better place.


take part in our project and help us make it know to everyone

If you have read this far, it means that you too, like us, care about children and know that they can contribute to giving joy and hope to our society.

It is often from small gestures, such as a smile or an act of kindness, that the most beautiful things are born. And this is our mission. Many schools, with their managers and the teaching staff, have already believed in us and the value of our project. Over 15,000 copies of the book have already been donated to schools..

Contact us to propose the COURSE OF KINDNESS to your school or your municipality. Together, we can make a difference.

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